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Ember Days Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (digital release)

by S. J. Tucker

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boingoloid Wonderful album. I love the departure from your usual sound. I'm fully in love with the first half of the album and kinda wish the second half was a bit louder/faster. And I must say, only Sooj could somehow get me to like an EDM/dub step song. Favorite track: We Are Shangri-La (Emerald City Mix).
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avemarialucia713 This is it. This is the prophecy. It starts today, and the cycle will reset in five years, and we will have peace on earth for eternity if we open our hearts and listen to the colors of the wind. We are the Nephallym. Embrace your identity, and join us on this journey. Blessed Be Star-Siblings Favorite track: Poem of War.
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Poem of War 02:54
The angels called Grigori were watchers of the way. From their home in Heaven, they looked down on fields of grain and for the earth's fair maidens, their hearts did swell and break. They came down from their kingdom, many children here to make. Their daughters and their sons we came to call the Nephilim, but the wrath of the Almighty rose to put an end to them. He said unto His angels, "you must destroy your seed. These children go against My plan. Their deaths I do decree." Many angels listened, compelled by Master's will, and though their hearts were shattered, their children they did kill. But upon that day, a brazen few defied the Lord's command, and took up arms to save their young, but lost their final stand. Cast down into darkness, there they'd spend eternity. From lines and hearts all torn apart, the War of the Void broke free. While the angels and their God were locked in bloody fray, Another war was stirring between parents and their babes. The rule of the mighty Titans had long been heaven's way. Against this rule, the young Olympians began to strain. The gods cast down their fathers and their mothers to the earth, no more to walk in glory, but on jagged rock and dirt. The rift has never healed between these elders and their kin. The War of Heaven to this day has seen no truce, no end. And still, beside these wars that raged in Heaven and in Void, another storm was brewing, yet more balance near destroyed. The struggle here was ripe between two houses of the Fae, 'twixt children of the seasons. Faerie's kingdom split in twain. The Winter Court was ruled by she whose heart was made of ice, who set her mind to rule year round, be coin or blood the price. The Summer Queen and her bright folk refused to stand aside, and so the War of Earth began, 'twixt summer sun and wintertide. In Earth and Void and Heaven, all beings locked in war, which immortal now will rise to rule forevermore?
We raise and raze our city like the strangest house of cards, a ghost-breath mist of snow; A ghost-breath mist of snow where no snow falls, For we are Atlantis, and the town of Prester John. Three weeks apart from never, we dance and do not fall. We are Shangri-La. History has dreamed of us. History has dreamed of this. Those who know the way, many times return. History has dreamed of us, building up our city just to watch it burn. We are Shangri-La. BURN IT DOWN We carry Goddess-dust upon our skin, wherever we go, rising with bright feathers in the Desert. Blessed by the wind, we dance, we thrive, we shimmer in the never-was. We are Shangri-La. Burn it down. Relieving saddened sleep and fitful visions, we return. We raise our city high, we watch our city burn. We raise our city high to watch it burn. Burn it down. We are the mirage for those who dare to come and see. The burning in our blood will set us free. We are free. We are Shangri-La. BURN IT DOWN We are Shangri-La. LET IT GO
Let Me In 05:29
It is raining in the city, calling demons from their doors, and the gods are making ready for a day of holy war. I will sing of cities fallen and of sinners gone before. Let my broken blade redeem me. Let our children weep no more. We were angels once. It is raining in the city where the gods will go to war. The sky is far too pretty, calling demons to the door. So I sing to wake the Fallen and all the angels gone before. Let my broken blade forgive me. Let the sinners weep no more. We were angels once.
This is S. J.'s first attempt at singing in Russian. Please forgive any mangling of sentence structure or pronunciation! Roughly translated: Hide from Koschei The Firebird comes now Prepare Ride hard Ride hard, my Ivan


"Gorgeous, eerie, and certain to engender nightmares."
-Saira Ali

Order the Ember Days audiobook: tinyurl.com/emberdaysaudiobook

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"S. J. Tucker, the archetypal Celtic myth-punk, conquers a lot of new
territory on this soundtrack, and takes no prisoners. From ferocious
"Earthling"-era David Bowie drum'n'bass sounds to the hallucinatory
otherworldliness of didgeridoo and overtone flutes, this is both an
unexpected departure from her previous body of work and a bold and
exciting new direction. I can't wait to hear what comes next!"
-Ben Deschamps, Amphis Music, Toronto

"S. J. Tucker's original music for Ember Days is deep, dark, and soul evocative. There is an eerie quality to all of the songs and a heart wrenching emotional pull from the driving beat that grows teeth and claws. This is a blending of different genres and a definite branching out from her previous work. SJ's fans will find much to love in the soundtrack both as accompaniment to the movie and as a stand-alone album."
-Sherry Kirk, Producer, Ember Days

"Graeme Revell can shut up."
-Sean-Michael Argo, Director, Ember Days

"From chilling, beautifully composed new age sounds to the brass knuckled edge of oldschool goth-industrial tracks, this is the soundtrack every World of Darkness gamer wishes they had as they throw down their dice and dish out the aggs."
-Ryan James Loyd

This digital release includes S. J.'s compositions for the film only. The limited edition CD of the Ember Days Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes all tracks from this digital release except track 14, as well as new music by artists Bekah Kelso and Alexander James Adams.

Find Bekah's downloads here: www.bekahkelso.com
Find Alec's downloads here: alexanderjamesadams1.bandcamp.com


released March 5, 2013

Produced, composed & performed by S. J. Tucker for EMBER DAYS

Cover design by Kevin K' Wiley

Mastered by Mark Yoshida at Audiographic Masterworks, Memphis.

A Pixiehouse production

-Bekah, Alec, Sean-Michael, Damian, Ginger, and Kevin for your trust,
your drive, and for the chance to create something extraordinary with you.
-Mark at Audiographic Masterworks, for your mad mastering machinations.
-Ryan, Sherry, and Betsy for safe-haven when I needed it most.
-Clan Timberlake and Samurai, for the Pixiehouse, where this
soundtrack was truly born.
-Participants in the Freesound Project online, without whose mad skills many of these pieces would not have been half as creepy, compelling, or awesome: Argitoth, dobroide, SpeedY, gadzooks, kerri, tymaue, jus, uzerx, striptheband, keygenerator, smidoid, zimbot, and Satoration.
-My monthly subscribers, for all the prerelease feedback.
-Ember Days cast & crew, for all the inspiration. Here's to all the stories we share.
-Fans of this music, for going to new territory with us and for supporting creativity & the pushing of boundaries.
-Fans of the film, for joining this fight and being among the heroes.


all rights reserved



S. J. Tucker Perry, Arkansas

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” S. J. Tucker has been captain of her own music career since 2004, when she left the workaday world behind to sing songs and change lives. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth. With one hand anchored in her art and the other held out to us, she is songs and stories, community and wit. ... more


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