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by S. J. Tucker

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The dreams are coming, wild and still The dreams are coming in. The thief of love collects her kill The night can now begin/the walls start closing in The Pixie Can't Sleep She loved you better, but could you let her? She's banished back to the dreaming; just forget her. Out with the hungry; in with the burned The lesson is learned-you both played the victim. I know you know the Pixie can't sleep/sleep is overrated. Since she heard you can't sleep she's devastated. Rest is overrated; love is a dream without a world. Its language is empty as a coma, floating free of all concerned. The lesson learned-let go and go. There's more room to breathe when you're alone. The Pixie Can't Sleep Just a little too late the dragon dreams The goddess rises and she screams: Girl, what are you doing? Your love is a dream Without a setting, and you're forgetting the lesson learned. The dreams are coming wild and still The dreams are coming in The thief of love collects her kill The night can now begin/walls start closing in The dreams are singing wild and shrill She vanishes in the din The thief of love can drink her fill But the sleeper's growing thin-I am stretched too thin. I can't sleep.
Rotten apples everywhere, raining like the sun shine down through my bones, through the gray of the path I've been walking Rotten apples in my way, falling on the sidewalk every day, like the lists of the things that I have not been guilty of, no Rotten apples in my way, falling on the sidewalk every day, like the lists of the things that I have not been doing. Best not be rotting on the vine, no You gotta let it go in time. Your heart's grown and so has mine, but apple bruises never really heal They leave injured, spongey places which we can no longer feel. Fill it in with secrets if your apple overflows like mine; it'll clot in time for you to breathe, take stock, and listen So if you're folded up and in, can't get your soul sewn shut again, you've found the wretched garden where I've been imprisoned All in time you'll heal and reawaken, awaken Rotten apples everywhere, raining like the sun shine down through my bones, through the gray of the path I've been seeking Rotten apples in my hair, falling on the sidewalk everywhere, like the lists of the things that I have not been telling you, oh If this love is rotting on the vine You better turn me loose in time For baby, if I'm painful fruit to bear, I swear, I will release your heart in no time, in no time.
We met up on the stage in the safe Heartland started lending each other a hand Huddled in the light, conspired in the moonlight Perfect harmony in a stranger's world No news that something was wrong at all until we drummed and laughed 'til dawn Two nights later, left half-alive Staying up unloading deep dreams until five CHORUS: Then we were rescuing the One and Only Getting him back to where he needed to be Rescuing the one and only If you love someone better help his *** get free Cross not the princess with the tourniquet 'round her autumn hair She tries to steal my thunder Dislodge her from her father and she just might deign to care But one thing at a time left to do and first priority's You Not our job to get her outta there, just to whisk you away through the road and the air, get you outta here CHORUS Losing heart in the sweet Heartland but the pressure is on to pitch in, to understand I understand Make it so, pack up your heart and go We'll meet you out on the road and ride out of the sunset One with the red-ended day and the blue-hearted storm No more the ivory cloth and the crimson fruit You've been reborn. CHORUS I don't know what will be. Just hop in with me. We'll just have to see. Goddess knows now you're free. Keep your strength and keep your power Don't give up; that's all that matters.
Baba Yaga 05:56
Baba Yaga woke today in the form of a sage bag-lady weaving tales on the edge of the city exit 93 The Children of the Overpass leaned in to listen to the words, to the wisdom of the ages and the story set them free The Crone, our Mother, watched tonight from her vantage point above in the cloudspace high above the city's anger from a safer place than we. She watched the Freeway/Cellphone Generation as it shrank away from the real They called the Highway Patrol to ask Baba Yaga to leave But she would not be escorted, shook with laughter inside her shawl, Asked the nice young policeman "where shall I go? Your brothers may witness me tomorrow, hear the same words you resist, learn from the prophecy that escapes you here, what you refuse to know." And she smiled then, all toothless, a Rock of Ages standing still At the Campfire of Baba Yaga, the Street Children held their Dance She turned to face the brave ones, those who listened without fear, those who left their houses, highways, their reality just to hear her speak, all who took that chance Chorus: She said "I will be here when you're ready. My fire will still burn when yours starts to go." She said "I have always been here, I with my fearless feet in the snow"" She said "I'll be here just to watch you grow." Daddy's Little Girl awoke today, in a form all self-sufficience She packed her bags and left the house long before he rose He awoke without his coffee, checked her room but she was gone gone to meet someone he'd never seen, he smiled and sighed "she's a woman; it's the path she chose." Well, Daddy's little woman's on the edge of town, can't remember where she came from Heaven only knows what's become of her lover, left her high and dry we suppose. She lingers on the freeway with her eyes upon the smile of the wise and ancient Baba Yaga.' And So It Goes. Chorus... And I'll let you know, I'll let you know, oh...
Weightless 03:00
verse 1 So congratulations, boy, you kept me up til dawn again but this time I had to put you on a plane Not knowing when I'll see you next, I head back home-the place is a mess. Seems like happiness is changing my familiar terrain. chorus 1 I will sleep the day away, your sweet self holding court in my brain, my prince of mischief, bringer of exquisite pain. You'll be headed halfway round the world, your best-laid plans unbroken and here I'll stay, soon be on my way to weightless. You have me well on my way to weightless. verse 2 So much for all my suits of armor, baby, you got through. Loved what you found, set up camp, and it's a good thing, too. Now you spin around me, like the wondrous tales you tell, and I find happiness is changing almost everything I do. chorus 2 I will sleep the day away, your sweet self wrapped around my brain, all my dreams enchanted into conversation. Though you're headed halfway round the world, the best is yet unspoken, so on I'll play, soon be on my way to weightless. You got me well on my way to weightless. bridge My lover is the west wind, you see it in that devil's grin still keeping me company after I've closed my eyes. He lifts me up high as life, with both our wings out, brave and bright. So maybe Juliet was right, and it's love at every single sight! verse 3/unbridge So the queen of spades and the jack of all trades separate on perfect terms of amity and perfect days to come. 'did you bring your keys?' 'yes, and you're coming with me! hold on to your heart, love, I'm about to set you free.' chorus 3 I will dance the day away, your sweet self wrapped around my brain I will dance the time away, it's no time til I see your face, and it's love, we'll say, on our way to weightless We are well on our way to weightless
Drum 05:04
verse 1: celtic drum sings, yoruba drum dances the pulse takes us all and becomes our heartbeat we are all the same heart and all the same drum cross culture, whether or not you accept our drum is the same our heartbeat, our blood the color of our bones when we dance in bones alone aborigine dust, irish rain saudi prayer, navajo truth druid sight pulled into me pulled into you/the truth refrain: pulled into our drum which is the same and ever shall be. nomatter what you say to me. nomatter if your heart be free. we share a common/the mother's heartbeat we share a common drum verse 2: christian heart may fail pagan song may rise hearts and minds stretched open wide at the turning of the tide here at the century's painful dawn we find we still are drumming but our guns are drawn. sensibility has failed and yet the drum is still resounding time is not yet done there is room to turn it back around, children, but we may find we have to hurry, may find we have to run. we are all the same heart and all the same drum in spite of the sickness we have become. (refrain)
I am your dying sickle moon I am your circle dance Halloween in the midnight blue has left for you a sliver of a chance to love a wet-lipped, well-lit spectacle in silk and tattered lace hold me in your arms; transcend a darker state of grace Let me under your wing, smoker angel; I'll be good. Let me hear your heartbeat, smoker angel if you would that I would fly with you let me die with you if this isn't to be pursued what in heaven's name will i do? won't I die from lack of you? I am your fading afternoon Your raven on the wing leave behind your twisted halo, boy, just to come and hear me sing Stop that flying 'round and come to me have done with this merry chase! What high time 'twould be to kiss the shadows from your face. Let me under your wing, Smoker Angel; I am cold. I'm not flying off now, Smoker Angel If my heart's too bold, then you'll forgive me here I'll keep you warm and near If your destiny's unclear, go find it I can wait here without fear for you.
So, love's got you wandering in a January haze With no tornado warning to help classify these mixed-up days? Someone's got you thinking that you'll maybe be okay? Hold onto that every time you gotta watch your baby walk away. Oh, the rain falls hard when he's gone. (the) Radio is blasting, can you find the strength to sing along? Rain's got a gloomy beauty, but all these goodbyes make the sunlight look wrong. I'm left holding on. Oh, gather, brave young lovers; let me sympathize with you. Comes the night, I'll be feeling ghostly arms around me, too. Is this not the life we choose? To be in so deep, so torn asunder, and so bravely sing these blues? But the rain falls hard when he's gone! The radio is blasting, can you help me sing along? Rain's got this gloomy beauty, but these goodbyes make the sunshine seem wrong. I'm left holding on. The sky falls black when he's here. The rain pours down beautiful, cleans out all the poison and the fear All Five Horizons are sunsetted clear Oh... The rain falls like a lover when he's gone. And I'm left dreaming on. I'm left holding on.
Mary Mary 05:14
Sun rises behind clouds soft and slow your mother sits waiting for the light to overflow The gray's come uninvited and she shall not have her sun think about whether you'd rejoice if you were the chosen one. the winners write the history and religion writes the rules but prophecies are nothing acted out by men and fools. we take chances on nothing and hold our secrets high chances taken long ago gave birth to the immaculate lie chorus 1: ooh, mary mary what burdens you carry heart and mind both broken, damage no one would believe ooh, mary mary what scars you must carry sin runs in the family running all the way back to Eve. fire is only fire; gods have many names they'll stone you like a liar if you dare dance in the flames and know yourself a woman; fear hand in hand with "i don't understand" the hate will flow as quick, as strong as water from your hand blood from your baby's wounded hand He came without your asking, no laughter in the summer night gods and angels come and go just as men, and who are we to fight? to know ourselves as daughters and take pride in the phrase takes courage, strength, and wisdom but they used you, used you up in so many ways ooh, Mary Mary what burdens you carry a prophet and his mother--both of you insane ooh, Mary Mary what scars you must carry they'll honor your sweet name and never know the truth of pain bridge: your pain...as daughters we have suffered all the slander of these years blame, mistrust and evil dance the galliard of our fears so next time he calls you baby and belittles all your tears let him know your strength is boundless as your frailty disappears sun sinks below the ground, gaudy pink and gold the maiden sits believing in the lie she's madly told as mother, sits believing in the miracles she's told like biting backward glances, mary's chances all dried up and gone tell me boy, would you take your chance to be the chosen one? carpenter and harlot unwavering eye to eye to see the other sides of the old original sin; original lie ooh, Mary Mary what burdens you carry slivers of the goddess that they never let us see ooh, Mary Mary what scars you must carry too late we resurrect you, reverently set you free (wish we could have set you free)
Tori Day 03:39
Walk out the window in your favorite dress Straddle him in your favorite jeans Why don't you just eclipse me? Marry me Bury me... They all know you're up to what you're up to, girl. It's a Tori Day, and there's nobody here. so take your time out of time. It's a Tori day and the boy says he can't love you, so go ahead and bleed. Maybe you can talk to him if he stops analyzing things. Go ahead and bleed, girl. go ahead and bleed Would you like to dance, my love? I'll meet you out by the swings. Go ahead and cry, child. go ahead and cry walk out the window in your favorite dress and straddle him in your favorite jeans why don't you just eclipse me? yeah why won't he just eclipse you? oh, you've cut yourself again. and you had to let them catch you. They all know you're up to what you're up to, girl. but it's a Tori day, and there's no way they'll find you. Take your time out of time. Cuz it's a Tori Day, and there's no one to fight you. Go ahead and bleed. Go ahead and bleed. I once confessed what was in my head, Later on realized it was better left unsaid Walk on out the window Take your time out of time. Why dont you just eclipse me, yeah Why? They all know you're up to what you're up to, girl. It's a Tori day, and they'll go on with or without you. They all know you're doing what you're doing, girl. But it's a Tori day, and there's no one to stop you. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go on. It's a Tori Day. And you are beautiful here.
I want to sing, maybe not out loud, to your singing soul beginning to think I'm looking too hard for angels lately. Your eyes are so young, but I know mine are younger Just to hear you speak-- It calls up the hunger again to run away with you, without you, just away, be gone Your hair in your face would make me cry if I let it, let alone the grace. I want a piece of you to walk with me, somehow, anywhere magic would go. You make me remember-- I don't know anything at all Answers, answers, answers are all we all wish to see is there anything you could tell me? Make me a believer in the fact that I won't fail Will you be my guardian angel? Never gonna be a groupie, just the girl up on stage but you make me wonder. Young and believing means you fall in love and everything too easy this easy spell you've got me under! You can say you feel too deeply, but maybe you just feel right. I can say I feel too deeply, but maybe I'm just beginning to feel all right I'm under your light. It might come from not getting out much or not knowing enough people I can love but when I look I look too often within and not above. Straight ahead now, I'm watching you hanging on the stem of every note Would you smuggle me out of heaven? Hide me under your winged coat? Post-love songs are as good as any to hear when my love is away. Love and music kill me, but I wanna drown in them both every possible way, any day. I've grown out of boys before, but angels make for new classification. I'm so eager, and I'm so scared, just some crazy little flower all touched by what you've shared Tears hung back somewhere so I can still see you play, You're an angel. You're my kind of angel, oh, if just for today.


S. J.'s second full-length album features "love songs, myths and sticky situations." Released in 2005, Tangles includes what are still some of Sooj's most popular and most-requested songs: "The Pixie Can't Sleep" and "Baba Yaga" among them. Each track was selected for recording because it was an absolute favorite of many fans. Tangles was recorded partly in Memphis, partly in Austin with Sooj's now foremost friend and producer, Ginger Doss. The magic in S. J.'s and Ginger's first time working together is very apparent here. If you like layered vocal harmonies and sparse-yet-masterful musical accompaniment, then you want some Tangles in your life.


released July 4, 2005

Music, Lyrics, and all instruments: S. J. Tucker
Taping and Mixing: Ginger Doss and Willie Pevear
Mastering: Willie Pevear at Young Avenue Sound
Cover art by Nitia Cheveallier, Elements of Five
Financial backing: Young Avenue Sound PRC, Mary Jo Tucker, Kevin K Wiley, and the fans


all rights reserved



S. J. Tucker Perry, Arkansas

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” S. J. Tucker has been captain of her own music career since 2004, when she left the workaday world behind to sing songs and change lives. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth. With one hand anchored in her art and the other held out to us, she is songs and stories, community and wit. ... more


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