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The Wendy Trilogy II- Red​-​Handed Jill

from Sirens by S. J. Tucker

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Part two of the Wendy Trilogy... the story continues.


Soon, Jill had got her days in hand and dried up all her tears,
staring down the pirates' jibes with a quick and haughty sneer.
She often tricks the sailors into finishing her chores
and trades a home-cooked meal to them for lessons, tricks, and swords.
Still, nights, she sits up all alone to greet the stars and think
and one soft eve in Neverland, she spies a star upon the strand,
dancing straight into her hand, and laughs, for here is Tink!

Now Tinkerbell had ne'er approved of Wendy in her way
but faeries love to gossip, and Tink was mad at Pan that day.
Tink listened close to Wendy, who unloaded all her tale
and learning the whole story grew by turns giddy and pale.
She vowed to go to Peter and the boys in dirty throng
to tell them Wendy's one true plan and how they'd done her wrong.
And so the pixie left the ship, lest anyone should see.
Wendy waves her hand and smiles a smile of victory.

Oh, I will sing ye pirate songs and tell ye pirate stories
of Wendy when she'd had her fill of Pan and the other Lost Boys!

One balmy night as Jill sat still a'watching the stars go by
as we knew she would, she catches old Hook in a lie!
Hidden by the thickest mast, Jill hears old Hook and Smee
full plotting Wendy's dark demise with blackest pirate glee.

Says Hook, "we'll madden Peter Pan and get back our wicked lives.
I've a match for Wendy known for murdering his wives!"
Red-handed Jill began to shake and froze where she did stand.
She knew the tale of Bluebeard; would he come to Neverland?

Hook and Smee schemed on and on as Midnight drifted in.
And Jill did quake with fear to learn the Captain's next-of-kin
was Bluebeard, who they'd send her off to marry straightaway.
For now she was Hook's daughter, destined not to have her say.

Hid fast, she overheard them, and her pirate heart grew pale
But ah, our girl is clever, and Bluebeard's another tale.
Recalling their agreement, Wendy steals Hook's chance to gloat.
It's up she comes, her cutlass drawn, and holds it at his throat!

"My duty's nullified, old man, though you would be my father.
Our terms did clearly state ne'er one may plot against the other!.
To retire or to walk the plank, the choice remains your own,
for your ship is mine, dear captain, and we'll see you off at dawn!"

Captain Hook did not take kindly to young Wendy's calling out.
He knocked her down and held his hook beneath her pretty pout.
Wendy's eyes were steady as she cursed that mean old man,
using foulest curses as only a sailor can,
and so Hook missed the entrance of the rascal Peter Pan!

Now, Wendy's picked up fighting rather quickly, it is true,
but if you have two brothers, then, you're brilliant at it, too.
Still she welcomes laughter from behind the silken sails
Captain Hook looks daggers but grows sweaty, drawn, and pale.

It's up beyond the crow's nest Peter yanks his aged foe
Wendy cries, "admit defeat, old man, or he'll let go!"
Hook replies "bad form!" and swears to do sweet Wendy harm
But it's Smee who starts the combat, slicing Wendy through the arm!
It's Peter's hands that slip as Wendy cries out in alarm.

The Croc did circle down below, and to his jaws Hook fell
Where his soul now glowers is a tale we'll never tell
Who cares if Hook's still sailing in the blackest seas of hell?
For Peter smiles at Wendy now, by the light of Tinkerbell.

(Dawn finds the Lost Boys standing guard as Wendy takes her place,
a bandage on her arm, a look of hardness on her face.
Old Smee is piss and vinegar but he quiets to Wendy's whim as she
reminds him he'll be lucky if she spares him, life and limb!
Abashed, Smee swears his fealty. Not so the scurvy crew.
Sweet Wendy stops their mutiny, reminding them full quietly,
"You'd not uphold a captain who brought home-cooked meals to you?
Gentlemen you never were, but pirates indeed you be!
I won the day the pirate way, as seen by Mr. Smee.
You'd not be captained by a girl, but every man take heed:
old Hook said that I must survive, and then I must succeed!
Your captain is Red-handed Jill, who ne'er abides a slave.
Wish it and you are free men, but follow me or leave!")

Thus, Wendy got herself a crew of ruthless men and brave
to terrorize the Lost Boys, but only every Saturday!
I will sing ye pirate songs and tell ye pirate stories
of Wendy when she'd had her fill of Pan and the other lost boys,
of Red-handed Jill who'd had her fill of Pan and his Lost Boys!


from Sirens, released October 31, 2006


all rights reserved



S. J. Tucker Perry, Arkansas

“Without our songs and stories, we are nothing.” S. J. Tucker has been captain of her own music career since 2004, when she left the workaday world behind to sing songs and change lives. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire and the sharp laughter of modern myth. With one hand anchored in her art and the other held out to us, she is songs and stories, community and wit. ... more


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